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Three Program Outline










Mother and Daughter


Objective: Demonstrate the ability to build a heathy relationship with each other.  Commitment to self and each other. Respond and identify emotions.


Outcome: Mother and daughter has a healthy relationship with each other through communication and shared interest.


This program will involve mother and daughter experiences through exploration and mastery of environment. There is opportunity for mentoring, community service, mental health awareness, guidance, encouragement, life coaching and occasional expeditions.   Mother and daughter will engage in activities that promote relationship building and health (e.g., sports, art creation, reading book together, board games).




Girl Talk!


Objective: Show awareness of self-worth, confidence, and choices.


Outcome: Being able to self-reflect. Knowing how to socialize with peers one on one and in groups.  Have confidence in self and others. Understand how to make safe choices. Know they are not alone.


This program will involve the girls meeting monthly without their moms.  During this time the girls will work on building a relationship with each other.  They will be able to share feeling and thoughts without being judged.   They will engage in strategic games and activities that promote team building.  They will get understanding of mental health and underlined issues through guest speakers such as family therapists, mental health specialist, behavioral health specialist. We will also invite speakers to talk about their own experiences.  




Objective: Demonstrate the desire for knowledge, excitement, amusement, fun and experiences.


Outcome: Mother and daughter learned how to have fun together.  They have inspiration to explore different places and things together.


This program will involve mother and daughter exploring the community, by visiting different places and having opportunities.


Theatre:  To help promote potential social change and social discourse.

Shelters for mothers and girls: Awareness of shelters and safe places. The support and counseling received.

Amusement Parks: Spending time with each other, getting away from everyday life, and enjoying life.

Museums: Provide an effective way of learning, shows change and development to communities and good way to spend time with family.

Art Gallery: There’s mental connections, improvement on thinking and empathy, and inspiration for visual imagination.

College visits: Inspiration to attend college, see campus, talk to students and faculty, and experience being on a campus.

Businesses: Learn about jobs, the day to  day operations, responsibility and commitment.

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